Welcome to the LiDER Leadership Trainer Scholarship Campaign!

LiDER is a start-up 501(c)(3) non-profit leadership institute that will provide training, resources, and mentoring to women entrepreneurs and students in Nicaragua. We are launching our inaugural program, the Leadership Trainer Certification Program (LTCP) in June 2017. The LTCP is an intentional and immersive educational experience. We have designed it so that our students can acquire the knowledge and skills to facilitate powerful and effective leadership trainings. 

We hope you consider giving the gift of education in the form of a scholarship for our incredible students. As you consider providing the funds to support a scholarship, we ask that you take a moment to pause and reflect upon your successes and skills:

  • Where would you be today without your youth leadership training experiences and mentors?  (sports programs; community center, school, and house-of-worship activities; or opportunities like the Boy/Girl Scouts or Big Brothers/Big Sisters)
  • What about those experiences in high school or college? 
  • Or how about your workplace training opportunites, networks, and professional associations? 

In all of those experiences, someone was responsible for cultivating your leadership development. LiDER's Leadership Trainer Certification Program provides this kind of training so that young people and women in Nicaragua can engage in critical leadership learning. Many people in the Global South - Nicaragua in particular - do not have these opportunites. With your support, that's about to change!

 Thank you for giving the gift of education in the form of a scholarship for our incredible students.

To learn more about LiDER, please visit: www.TheLiDER.org        

*All donations to LiDER are tax-deductible. The Leadership Institute for Development, Education, and Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For any questions, email Jonathan.Kroll@TheLiDER.org

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